luni, 28 martie 2016

have a love-hate relationship with definitions, but here it goes...

QR self-portrait

my name is yigru zeltil. it was conceived and selected through a surrealist technique. while having settled on it since 2008, i might change it one day. don't bother to look up my 'real' name in the local phone book, there are many others like me. probably that is why i love the waves/

my home right now is constanța, romania. it is a city in which it doesn't mean a thing if one writes or makes art. better buy or sell amber paintings with landscapes and dictators... or spend time on the beach/

i translate, write and do performances by myself or with a handful of friends, then share about them on the internet. i have 'weird' tastes in pretty many things, i would think i am 'too' unique if it wasn't for the internet/

i am (too) involved in the literary/poetic environment. let aside e-books and object books, only published a chapbook with ISBN, cocoa (cacao, 2012). my current main project is a volume of conceptual poems, may contain traces of nuts/

i also write literary and art exhibition reviews. some consider me smart, others think i am an arrogant, pretentious hipster. maybe not misunderstandings, certainly overreactions. beyond being weird in a socially acceptable way, i do not take things personally, what i do care for are arguments/

good old-fashioned avant-gardes are done, but i do not believe in the 'new sincerity' either. i would not mind if anyone complains that all i do is "translate" or "rewrite" other poems, but i do not wish anymore to claim originality nor unoriginality//

////writes, translates, creates objects. Also interested in theory and criticism. Main interests include modern and contemporary literature, visual arts, music etc. Regularly attends the online course ModPo (Modern and Contemporary American Poetry). Currently translating Gertrude Stein and a few other figures from American experimental literature. Slowly working on a possible critical anthology of conceptualism, as well as an anthology dedicated to the Language poets. Side projects include an anthology of contemporary Portuguese poetry, an essay on minimalism(s) and several (maaaany) other things. (A new big project: the 'khora impex' digital publishing house/platform.)

 (photo credit: Alina Pachițanu)

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